Writer. Technology Professional. Part-Time Astronaut…

Well, that last part is in my imagination. I lean on it every day, as everything I do revolves around telling stories. The tools and the setting may change, but shaping a narrative is at the core of who I am. This sometimes manifests in a rollicking design document or app review, and other times it’s a emotional tale about a lonely astronaut. It’s mostly the latter…

Latest from the Blog

One Small Paw

As they approached the squat building, they left behind a faint trail of footprints in the gray dust.  The storefront was equally pale and unremarkable, as was just about everything in their prefab world.  Mark often felt like he lived in a lifeless, 3D printed diorama.  And he grew weary of the lack of color, […]

Buttered Roll

I swear, Sophie is such a bitch.  She wouldn’t survive 5 seconds back home. The way she talks so slow and has nothing good to say about anybody. I’ll never forget the day Sophie showed up with braces.  You’d think she’d be all embarrassed by it.  Keep her stupid head low.  But she pranced around […]

Rant of Steel

“Look! Up in the sky!” “It’s a bird!” “It’s a plane!” “It’s Superman!!!” Oh, please.  Shut up already.  The mere mention of Superman triggers my gag reflex more than shoving a tree trunk down my throat.  I once strained a muscle from all the eye-rolling.  Superman has to be the lamest, most lazily conceived superhero […]

A Gentle Shove

Mick drove their grey Porsche Carrera with a sullen look on his face and dreary eyes. He followed the usual, winding route mostly from muscle memory, functioning as little more than a beleaguered auto-pilot. He had been itching to get out of that pretentious party.  These kinds of insufferable events were always the same.  He’d […]

Window of Opportunity

Laying down.  Strapped in.  I crane my neck to look out the meager window of the capsule.  Earth looms large like an incandescent, turquoise marble, afloat in a sea of twinkling darkness.  There’s not much for me to do on re-entry, so I just soak it in.  Most astronauts will tell you that they never […]

Welcome to the Blog

I’ve never been someone who keeps a journal or coherent portfolio.  I’ve written many different kinds of things throughout the years, but they are scattered all over the place.  Like the tax returns from 2015 that are shoved in a shoe box under your bed.  Or worse – they are just lost to the wind… […]