“I dream. Sometimes I think that’s the only right thing to do.”

― Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart


Robert has 20 years of experience in the technology industry, with proficiency in agile business analysis and functional design.  In addition to crafting technical user stories, Robert has been a contributing writer to publications such as 148apps.com and Short Fiction Break.  He specializes in science/speculative fiction, literary fiction, and the occasional creative nonfiction essay, with a knack for humor.  In his spare time, Robert can be found asleep on the couch or playing games with his daughters.

My first grammar school writing assignment was a bust. My rendition of a book report was to paraphrase an entire story in excruciating detail. Like a cheap knock-off of a Rolex, adorned with the finest cubic zirconias. My sister ended up reluctantly doing my homework for me, but she showed me how to write in the process. How to apply the craft. It was one of my first lightbulb moments, hot off the heels of Santa Claus’ debunking. I still remember it. It was life-changing. Please don’t tell her any of this…

Ever since, I’ve found myself hopping between all things technology and literature.  The practical and the fantastical.  Even after choosing to head down the more career-oriented path of computer science, I’ve always gravitated to my writer self, and to how I could manifest a creative outlet.

In school, this took the shape of reinventing the college newspaper and acting as Editor-in-Chief of Fusion.  Now, this was at a hardcore engineering school, so the readership was predominantly fluent in math.  The newspaper may have been small potatoes in the grand scheme, but the end product was pretty bold and edgy, and it went on to have a nice run.  The all-nighters we pulled were pretty epic…

I’ve since taken my tech-focused career down similar paths.  I have no doubt that this is what steered me away from my early programming days to a more design-centric slant.  Trying to tell narratives via user stories and journeys, and paint pictures with Photoshop and Visio.  Certified in agile methodologies that stress living documentation, high levels of collaboration, and conceptual adaptability.  Stuff like that…

When iPads first hit, I was between jobs and latched on as a Contributing Writer at 148apps.com.  I wrote several articles and app reviews as a side-gig.  Admittedly, being in the editorial space meant the focus was a bit more skewed towards quantity rather than the quality, but the opportunity to consistently create content was a great experience.

In recent years, I’ve taken courses at the Gotham Writers Workshop and participated in the occasional literary contest. There’s nothing like having the constraints of a writing prompt and a deadline to get the creative juices flowing.  Not to mention getting constructive feedback from like-minded colleagues and mentors.  Here’s something of mine that was published at Short Fiction Break.

For more of my writing, both old and new, please visit my blog. Thanks for reading!